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Positive Effects Of Singing – Come And Join In!

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When you sing, you release “feel-good” chemicals, known as endorphins, into your body. These endorphins improve your mood and counteract the effects of stress on the body. Some of the other positive effects of singing are that it helps you to regulate your breathing and promote relaxation. It also shifts the vibrations of your thoughts to a positive direction, therefore putting you in a better mood. When you’re feeling a bit stressed, or having a bad day, try singing one of your favourite songs out loud! It’s difficult to remain negative whilst singing something you love.

If you can get away with having a little boogie at work whilst you’re singing, DO IT! This will increase the endorphins, elevate your heart rate, and in turn help to circulate the stress chemicals out of your body faster.

Stressful day? Sing it away! All ages can benefit from a good singing session so belt it out, even if you’re a little off key! Kids can benefit from the positive effects of singing, especially at the end of a hard day at school. They will be so much more positive after one of our classes, and that positivity can also help with learning. Singing songs works really well for kids who are having tantrums or are upset too.

Positive Effects of Singing.

Obviously you can get all the positive effects from solo singing, however, this study shows that singing with others holds greater benefits. When you’re singing with other people, it gives you a sense of well being, you’re creating something together. Being part of a group, part of something special, being surrounded by music and positivity, there’s nothing quite like it.

Help your children discover the positive effects of singing and come along to one of our fantastic classes. Our testimonials speak for themselves, so why not let your kids be part of something special?

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