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Welcome to Music Box – inspiring voices!

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Here you can find out more about Melody, the founder of Music Box – inspiring voices, and the reasons behind the formation of the company:


Q: Introduce yourself and your role.

A: I’m Melody, I’m the owner, and I guess mother hen, of Music Box – inspiring voices.


Q: Can you describe Music Box in one sentence?

A: No! Music Box – inspiring voices creates opportunities for children and adults to showcase their talents to their families, friends and the wider community. It’s a hub for budding singers to work together, make friends, and get creative.  For the little ones it’s about exploring music, singing and dancing, building confidence and developing future life skills. (Sorry that’s not one sentence!)


Q: What are the different strands of Music Box – inspiring voices?

A: Ok, firstly we’ve got Preschool – Monkey See, Monkey Do. In this class we have Marvin the monkey who plays an instrument, and the children have to copy him! Basically, I’m a Monkey for the whole class which is great fun! We have our own class every Monday at DW Fitness, Yeadon 10-11am, and run a class every Wednesday and Friday 10:30-11:30am at The Play Barn, Rawdon.

We also do after school clubs; we have Mini’s (aged 4-8 years) every Monday 3:45-4:45pm at DW Fitness & Juniors (aged 8-16 years) every Monday 5-6pm at DW Fitness. This class is all about growing our singers into confident, talented, passionate young people who believe they can achieve whatever they want to achieve in life.

The adult class is every Tuesday 8-9pm at Guiseley Theatre and is open to, well, grown-ups! Professional singer and vocal coach Cherie Gears leads this class. It’s filled with a variety of vocal and performance techniques, singalongs, solo and group singing, and lots of giggles!

As well as all that, we do singing workshops, which promote wellbeing, confidence building, song writing and self-esteem.

Music Box – inspiring voices works with Health For All, Leeds charity – facilitating workshops for staff, families and children. We provide these workshops at Herd Farm Activity Centre, Eccup Reservoir, Harrogate Road, Leeds, and at Shipley College. These workshops are done either as group sessions, or on a one to one basis. We don’t have set dates and times for these workshops because we aim to be flexible and will work with the client to book a date and time to suit.


Q: What is the aim of music box?

A: My aim is to make a difference to people’s lives by creating fun, uplifting performance opportunities. To inject music into everyone around me and introduce them to the powerful world of creativity and feel good music. I may not have the ability to save lives like paramedics, doctors and nurses but I like to think I add a little bit of musical magic to everyone involved in Music Box. A little smile goes a long way ?

I also aim to make happy memories for everyone involved. When my dad passed away 9 years ago, we received letter after letter from past students and pupils thanking him for believing in them, guiding them through school or college, and creating so many wonderful memories for them. I would love to be remembered in the same way.


Q: Tell us some of the different types of performances you do?

A: So every year our minis and juniors get involved in Music For Youth which is a national music festival. They have to perform at a secondary school in front of parents and judges. They receive feedback from the judges and over the years, their feedback has been fantastic!

In 2017 we wrote and recorded a song called Lucky Stars for Children in Need and raised over £350, and we perform at numerous charity events for Saint Gemma’s Hospice.

This summer (2018), we performed at Guiseley’s Summer Street Party. We take part in Christmas community events, and in 2017, our adults performed at their first ever corporate event at Spire Private Hospital Christmas party. They refused to take any payment, and raised £250 for Saint Gemma’s Hospice!

We’ve also performed at the Yorkshire Children Of Courage Awards, school fetes and fairs, and get involved with fund raising events for Leonard Cheshire Disability and Children in Need!

To find out more about any of these fabulous and fun classes, follow your preferred link: Monkey See Monkey Do, Mini’s, Juniors, Adults, Workshops or contact Melody: 07828 435299 or